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Hi, my name is Jo Haegeman. I am a photographer. 1- I create content for travel- and photography magazines, tourist services, travel agencies, outdoor brands and adventure businesses. 2- I photograph your outdoor sports event, your business event, your business. 3- I also love doing photojournalism, documentary work, reportage, storytelling. I am a professional photographer with an official paper that says so. Experienced in a wide range of outdoor sports and well-travelled. As an entrepeneur, working with high-profile businesses for years. Happy clients only. As a social scientist and decent human being, easy to get along with. I get the shots and if desired write the words you need. All over the world. Ask me to write you an adventurous travel story supported by great photography. Send me on a trip or on an expedition. Take me with you on your travels or event. Trust me to brand your brand. Challenge me to go deep into a specific story.


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