PhotographeCork, Irlande


I create photographs that make you stand out in a crowded, competitive world. Social media posts, portraits, location and event photographs - before someone calls you on the phone or walks into your store they judge everything about you based on a photo. You only get one chance at a good first impression. I create images that show the world you’re someone they should trust, someone they should buy from, a place they should visit. I shine a spotlight on what makes you special. There are over 15 years of skill and experience in every decision I make behind the camera. I work hand in hand with each client to discover all your unique needs and create a custom-tailored project that tells your authentic story. I can work exactly according to a client script or take charge of the project myself while ensuring the whole process is a zero-stress experience for you. I pride myself on being reliable, professional and extremely passionate about each and every client I work with from small businesses to corporate work.


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